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Hi, I'm Maldens I'm a video editor & producer that makes lively, visually stylish & successful works (£50/hr) in the United Kingdom Video Editing / Videography.

I've helped many people to shoot more footage and get more stylish films produced for their projects.

My experience, high degree of knowledge, and creative visual skills can help you with pre and post production as well.

I have a passion for working (with digital, electronic and film cameras) as a videographer freelancer I've done it for years.

Videography is one of the most satisfying jobs, because I can understand it, know the secrets, and have expertise in every aspect of the creative videography procedure.

About me and my freelance videographer services. I can shoot your films. I do offer these services: - By me being a videographer (in London & nationwide), I will be your video editor & camera operator.

Videographer services based in the United Kingdom and Europe; I will make sure your livestream or recorded footage and video's edited and delivered without a hitch.

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Videographer is the same as "Cameraman", "Director of Photography", "Cinematographer" or "Camera operators". To light and record dynamic video footage of a special occasion, corporate event, charity, fashion or music videos, it is essential to hire a Videographer.

For global brands and agencies across the UK and worldwide, the reasons you should make a video are many, either in the studio or doing an outside broadcast (OB) with a portable single camera (PSB).

It's a great alternative to a photographer recording events, and the fact it can improve your profile, reach and reputation online; does serve as food for thought.

Many people are looking for the foremost freelance videographer (onsite video shooter) in the capital rather than agencies; I can provide valuable camera skills to film in different locations in the UK and abroad.

As a solo filmmaker, I can work alone or with a crew of highly skilled specialists. I’m also a director, I can put together and guide a tailor-made team of professionals to fit your needs.

I am the founder of "film team" productions, I'm all about producing film and love operating a video camera. I have a genuine passion for handling the camera to make film that is both powerful and inspirational.

Video production, the #1 choice for high-quality production while keeping the costs down. The main video cost savings to be made are chiefly due to combining good planning with quick and reliable editing. I can help film products for companies, music videos, short films and more.

As a filmmaker, I offer several different types of local filming and editing services. For cost-effective video (check out the prices page) and a higher priced choice of video (check with me for a quick estimate to see how much on average it costs).

The key variance with my videographer service and other video production companies is cost. In addition to combining preparation and discussing strategy with every choice I offer. Videos I make each benefit from several cost saving options, that means I can pass these savings on production on to you.

I do lots of events, conferences, and short films

Lots of small business and individuals need short promotional videos, I offer success and value (best local film) to national promotional campaigns. A great time to hire is if you need a low-price option or if you are on a budget.

Not only can I film a video in a day, I additionally offer services such as behind the scenes shooting, to add a little drama and for building initial promotional material. I have recorded musical artists from a local (to a national) level.

No matter how big or small your video project is, for small or big budgets I can make it happen. Please contact me to check showreel and portfolio samples of my work. You can find what you are looking for on this website, if you need a videographer.

Freelance videographer, I help clients see their vision come to life, I have an attention for detail and bring cinematic video results.

Tell me about your venture. Connect yourself with the top talent in and around Europe, or near you. A freelancer that come to your place. Get expert offers within 24 hours. Compare proposals, reviews, and previous work. Talk about your choices and hire the best fit.

My experience, knowledge and filming expertise can help you as well, my videos don't drone on they make an impact!

I enjoy working as videographer freelancer (agencies are not my style) and I am a perfectionist. London: freelance videographer based in London.