video costs in the UK

💷 How much do videographers charge?

If you are seeking to hire a professional videographer or freelance camera operator (London based), day rates vary a lot, first you have to understand what's involved before you pick whats right for you.

💷 How much does a promotional video cost?

The cost of a video varies, based on a number of factors. You need to plan and look around in order to find the right services in the UK that offer videography for businesses: for £40 to £250 per hour for a professional, is it cheap? Yes, if it helps you succeed, the worst services will not give you the quality filming you need.

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A cheap videography company will not bring value, the worst low-quality companies will not help companies in the UK, they will just perform poor videography.

When asking the question: How much does a video cost, you need to be aware that we are referring to the price of videography for "freelance videographer services", to better understand the question.

You are investing in high quality filming and editing for your training, corporate, promotional and music videos.

This guide is to help you understand the investment required for high quality filming and editing.

💷 Video Prices: What influences cost?

Video pricing.

  1. your location,
  2. your objectives,
  3. how long is the film.

looking at these three variables can help you estimate how much the video should cost you.

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Plenty of choice - So how much does a video cost?

It varies a lot regarding video prices in the UK, the typical amount to spend on a video can be broken down in to a simple structure.

  1. The type of services offered and the averages (when calculating video prices in the UK) you can expect to pay for video services.
  2. This is including pricing for hourly (no contract) and whole day prices (the prices are not just for bands but give you an idea).

Filming prices in the UK

Cheapest videos Mid-Range videos Top End videos
Per project £100 £300 - £1000 £1500 - £8000
Potential additional set up costs*. £100 £200 - £400 £1000
Example You can send us a pre-recorded video, (send to us and we will edit it). Or we prerecord a theme video. One man two camera angles, on location. Time of filming and post production will determine exact prices (filming usually completed in one day) For large complex filming projects, multiple videographers, on location several days filming.

* include location based (travel), equipment and personnel

Pay by the hour - If you just need someone to edit some pre-shot video for a few hours this can be a cost-effective way of billing. (contact me now)

You should expect to pay a videographer professional an hourly rate starting at around £40 for an individual and up to £250 for a video agency.

One off pricing plans - This is for one off projects job, this model typically used by filming companies; you should expect to pay around £300 - £1000 per video for someone reliable.

If you are only interested in pre-production then you can find specialist agencies that can provide a good service for around £500.

You must realise that the post production you can expect to obtain are directly related to your filming spend.

By understanding, each element of your filming project it is possible to make a successful video.

It's best to try and avoid cheap video filming services that are much less than the industry standard rates for videos.

If they don't charge much, the quality and post production will probably be poor and it will not gain you traction as no one will watch the video.

The amount of hours that will be required to edit the film, will affect the price the video will be. This will allow you budget accordingly.

Bespoke services - For particular types of video services, such as events, conferences, short films, live band gigs, tours, DJ' sets or club venues.

Services that can be long term or ongoing (following a band or DJ on tour), we can reach an agreement based on your requirements.

The main advantage is that you can choose what type of video you want.

This is the best deal if you want to produce lots of content over time, to build an archive or portfolio of your events, conferences, and short films.

In order to really understand what you are getting for your money, you need to speak with the video firm, so you can explain what exactly your requirements are.

Request a detailed list of what’s involves and how long it will take to produce the video so that you know you are paying a reasonable price.

Things to consider before you buy a video package.

Costs, the quality of the film company you work with is important, don't just think solely about price of shooting the video, but think about if people will watch it, share it on social media and help you get exposure online for your events, conferences, and short films. Think of it as a long-term investment, you want to get a return on, not just "how much does it cost".

Don't risk your bands image, reputation or standing with your fans and followers, by hiring a cheap video production company just to save money in the short term; it could end up costing you a lot more in the end.

Don't get enticed by a cheap video production services, pay a little extra for a great service and peace of mind instead.

Affordable film services for events, conferences and short films

The price you pay for filming will be dependent on lots of different things including: -

  • How long the final video is.
  • Number of camera angles.
  • Number of re-edits.

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Depending on your needs, be it a commercial film project, an event, conference or short film promotional video or footage for YouTube or social profiles to promote your business or service, costs will differ.

Therefore, to give a reliable estimate of the cost of a film you will need to also consider these points.

  • How long it needs to run for,
  • Is it on location?