Freelance video editor London

Operating as a freelance video editor, (UK trained), I am an experienced independent freelancer,


  • music-based shoots,
  • trailers
  • short-form videos,
  • films,
  • documentaries,
  • and a wide range of promotional content.

I do production and video editing and have been doing so for many years, with my experience, having edited a lot of hours of high-quality visual content for a large variety of shoots, including for UK advertising companies and web-based television, I make films and film special events, and of course, produce a wide variety of short films and videos for online customers.

Shooting videos, such as, for example promoting your business and delivering your message is a legitimate way to target your audience on social platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and much more.

Find out how a video can be successful medium to market your product or local service to the masses. If for example you are in the entertainment industry, it can help skyrocket your views and get you noticed.

Get noticed with a professionally filmed video

Shooting a video or show-reel means hiring the right videographer who can look through the lens, and envision what you want is essential.

Working with a freelance camera man in London who can zoom in and picture whats important is vital to deliver solutions for your business success.

A summary of filming and post production

What does a video editor do?

The job of a video editor, its not just about shooting film and setting up the tripods and lighting. Making well produced video footage also involves deciding on the best way to capture the mood, style or feeling you wish to convey through a process of collaboration with the client.

What is post-production videography?

From editing from first cut to final cut, communicating with the client, showing the rushes and choosing the shots, they are all the part of production and editing process.

What software do you use to edit videos?

I use industry standard software like Premier Pro, Final Cut, AVID, synchronising images with voice overlaying with your soundtracks.

Details of services & responsibilities

What we will do:

  1. Arrive at your location or venue
  2. Set up the appropriate equipment
  3. Record multi or single camera angle

Why set up multi-camera angles?

Set up multi-camera view angles when one camera is not adequate (dependant on the project)

Post production

How do you do post production?

Frame by frame selection to create a compelling piece of footage that runs to the specified time.

Why do post production?

Its important to capture and convey the message, retain the viewers attention and keep them interested and entertained. A well edited piece of music video will fulfil this.

Titles and end credits

What are video titles and credits?

An explanatory opening sequence of textual information overplayed on the top of the film and closing credits (citing sponsors and those involved in film for example).

Why add title sequences?

Title sequences can help deliver a specific message to the viewer and closing credits are standard industry practice.

A few examples of people who use my videography services

  1. Concerts, gigs and festivals,
  2. DJ set videos
  3. Band video promotion,
  4. Commercial music videos
  5. Business services SendmyRepair (Phone Repair) is a recent UK client